Learn How to Crochet Like the Experts with "7 Magic Stitches!"

Why Did I Create This DVD?

Because, I Love to Crochet!

And I wanted to help other left handed crocheters.

Plus I want Left Handed Crocheter to have a model to learn from.

Why Learn to Crochet?

Discover a New Skill - Crochet is a skill that stays with you for life, and once you know how you can teach others!

Inexpensive - In these times of economic uncertainty, cost is important to most families, and this is an activity that costs relatively little!

Great Family Gifts
- Your family will love all the wonderful wearable crochet art that you will make exclusively for them.

Home Business - Supplement your family income during hard economic times, and what better way than to do it than to discover a skill with low investment and high markup? I know from first-hand experience that It Works!

BONUS #2 - Free Size Charts:
For Blankets, Botties, Slippers, Hats,and Scarves,

If you are going to make any of the above mentioned items, knowing what size fits the age group you are crocheting is a must! 
BONUS #1 - Free Video Access
While you wait for your DVD to arrive, you will be able to learn the Seven Magic Stitches that will have you crocheting projects in no time. I will walk you through each stitch.

I do and you copy. It doesn't get any easier than that.

 101 Scrapbooking Tips!

Pizza Recipe Sampler
Get 700 More Pizza Recipes

Cake Recipes:  215 pages

32 Crochet Patterns

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…You'll Be Thrilled At How Easy, And Beautiful Every Single One Of Your Left Handed Projects Turn out, Without Hours of Guess Work!

If you're reading this, it's because you're trying to find help learning to Crochet Left Handed.

Maybe you started out looking for a place that sells Books for Left Handed Crocheters and were shocked at find out that there are not very many.

Maybe you came here because you couldn't find the instructions you need to create a certain project.

 "Who is Crochet Factor?"

Hello, I'm Edna Medinilla!   When I discovered crocheting, over 20 years ago, I fell in love with yarn! I wanted to start making my own projects, but I soon found out that I was different from most crocheters, I was left handed. My grandmother, who was my crochet mentor, was right handed, and she was not able to teach me how to crochet.  So I was on my own.

You probably know what I mean - it doesn't matter how hard you try - either the pattern instructions sound like they're written in a foreign language or the pictures are all of right handed people- either way they're no help!

If you're like most people, they'll just give up!

After many years of frustration, and  hundreds of hours of dedication and self-help, I managed to discover the art of Crocheting Left Handed.

Maybe it's because you're considering Learning to Crochet as a business, but don't know where to start.
Now I want to share my years of experience and joy of crocheting left handed with you.   Crocheting can by easy, inexpensive, and relaxing. Plus it can be a  productive way to spend your free time, and make some extra money.

Whether it becomes a lucrative business or remains a soothing hobby for you, you'll be thrilled you decided to take this easy inexpensive step.

"Finally! Everything You need to know about Crocheting Left Handed!"

Whatever your reason for being here, Congratulations - you have just found

THE Fastest, Easiest, Most Comprehensive Left Handed Expert Crochet Guide anywhere!

Whether you're looking for Scarves or Slippers or Afghan or any other popular style of wearable crochet, you'll find Everything you Need in the Secrets To Crochet Success: Left Hander's Guide to  Crocheting DVD and Manual.

Secrets To Crochet Success:
 Left Hander's Guide to  Crocheting
Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Making 11
Of The Most
Beautiful and Popular Crochet Projects

Complete DVD Course
The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive Bow Making resource anywhere, ever!

First, you'll get the DVD mailed to you. More than 2 hours of close up step-by-step crochet instructions so that you can follow and learn!

These are the projects you will learn:
What Bonuses Will You Receive
In Addition To Your DVD and Manual?
Second, you'll also receive the downloadable manual. It will cover all the patterns that are on the DVD and the Supplies you will need for each project

Project 1:  Mittens- Single Crochet

Project 2:
Granny Hex Afghan- Double Crochet

Project 3: Baby Shoes

Project 4:
Adult Ballerina Slippers

Project 5:
Cap with Flower

Project 6:
Shelly Scarf

Project 7:
Ear Warmers

Project 8:
Butterfly Hair band

Project 9:
  Cupcake pin cushion
Project 10:
Shell Hat

Project 11:
Neck choker

--Only For The First 2,000!!--
Exclusive Bonus #3 (Worth $50):
Secrets To Crochet Success:
 Left Hander's Guide to  Crocheting
Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Making 11
Of The Most
Beautiful and Popular Crochet Projects

Complete DVD  and Manual Program
Sale Price

Sale Price

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